Companies and organizations that support the goals of and assist the Japan Pavilion

  • As a materials manufacturer, Toray has created a variety of cutting-edge, high value-added products including fibers and textiles, performance chemicals, carbon fiber composite materials, and products for the environmental, engineering, and life science fields. Toray aims to contribute to the creation of a circular society in the future through the production, collection, and recycling of comfortable uniforms utilizing its high-performance materials.

  • Life Evolves With Fibers. Going Forward for More Possibilities in the Future. Teijin Frontier will continue to provide solutions that contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by creating new value from fibers with its daring Frontier Spirit.

  • By popularizing products globally that are both clean and comfortable and environmentally friendly as part of its New Shared Value Creation Strategy TOTO WILL2030, TOTO LTD. aims for contribution to achieving an enriched and comfortable society that takes the global environment into consideration. TOTO will make efforts to contribute to the Expo by providing visitors with a clean and comfortable experience of toilet culture in Japan.

Call for Corporate Sponsors

At the Japan Pavilion, we hope to create and achieve a more appealing pavilion experience by working together with various companies and organizations.
More information about the Japan Pavilion's call for sponsors is posted on the News page.
*Unfortunately, sponsorship details are only available in Japanese.

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