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Miwa Komatsu


Where Energy Flows and Merges into the Fabric of Life

I had the privilege of crafting a three-dimensional sculpture of a water dragon in Shorenjigawa Park, marking the inaugural piece for ‘konohana permanentale 100+,’ a visionary art initiative in Konohana-ku, Osaka Prefecture. The inspiration and opportunity to bring this piece to life came from Mr. Junichi Okada, the producer behind this ambitious project.

The narrative of Shorenji River, nestled in Konohana-ku, is one of resilience and communal effort. Once plagued by the challenges of water pollution, the river’s tale took a turn through the collective endeavors of local residents and the government. Now, Shorenjigawa Park stands as a testament to this transformation, offering a serene retreat that delights children and adults alike. Moreover, the park serves a critical function in flood prevention, acting as a basin during the onslaught of typhoons or heavy rains. Given its profound connection with water, I envisioned Suiryu Konohana, our water dragon, as a guardian to oversee and purify the waters, hence fostering a pristine future for the community. On days when rain graces us, one might even catch Suiryu in a moment of jubilation. It’s my hope that this dragon will emerge as a cherished rendezvous point for many.

The official character for Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, MYAKU-MYAKU, introduces the concept of ‘vein (myaku)’ as its core theme, which holds profound significance. This theme resonates deeply with the lore of dragon veins, envisaged as conduits pulsating with the dragon’s vigor. Below this park, a highway stretches, embodying a pulse or circulation of life. Positioned at the confluence of history, human connections, and the vibrancy of life, Suiryu becomes a nexus where energy circulates and mingles with the daily lives of people. This interplay of energies promises a future that resonates in harmony with the circulation of such cycles. Suiryu, I believe, will stand as a poignant symbol linking the past and future of this locale.

Photo: Keta Tamamura

Photo of Miwa Komatsu

Miwa Komatsu

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